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Tableau実践問題集 #TableauChallenge を作りました。

Tableau Training 4-2: Movie Industry Dashboard - Dashboard Creation

It's been a while. I just got hired to engage Digital Marketing Industry and moved to Tokyo.

Let me finalize it with my making video here (honestly speaking I don't remember what to explain).

And the dashboard is here(Jump to Tableau Public).

Here's no technical thing here but I would like to mention one thing: how Tableau can be much different from other data-viz tools: Ability to be interactive.

Of course it should depend on whom you provide your dashboard. If they need static report like PDF, interactivity is not needed, but if this is for analytics, if your Tableau dashboard is interactive which allows you to dive into details with filters and highlighters, it could be much more helpful.

My recommendation is here: get used to Dashboard Actions and consider it when you design your dashboard. It also would allow us to reduce the amount of data to show.

From the next dashboard training, I will use "Makeover Monday" series because I think it could be more helpful to explain how the best Tableau users create their own dashboard.

So have a nice weekends. See you.

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