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Tableau実践問題集 #TableauChallenge を作りました。

Tableau Training 3-1: Basket Analysis - Making

I had a conversation with my friend if Tableau can do basket analysis or not.

Then I created this dashboard here.

Here I show the number of records of the baskets. At the right side I show Profit Margin that shows if the

subcategory is profitable or not. Once we see what sells well with what, we may promote the combination for a better sales. However, if the subcategory is not profitable, for example, if we promote to sell Binder and Storage together, one is generating profit but the other is not, it reduces our total profit. So here we have 2 KPI's: Basket Records and Profit Margin in order to identify the best combination for us to sell.

How we can use the dashboard:

1. To identify what subcategory our customers buy with what.

2. To identify what combination is the most profitable.

3. To identify combinations which sell well but don't produce profits where one is profitable but another is not.

4. If you are charged in of a certain subcategory, area or segment, you can use the filters at the right top.

I also recorded a making video (and I realized this is the fastest way for me to explain how to create it).

Everything is in the video I believe. I hope it would help you understand the entire process.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Training 3-2 may come if I receive some questions.


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