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Tableau実践問題集 #TableauChallenge を作りました。

Tableau Training 2-5: Trending Youtube Video Dashboard - Dashboard Completion and Analysis

In the last post we added influencer analysis where we can see what youtube channel is more active and has more views as Median.

Today, we will deal with the trending youtube videos themselves.


1. Dashboard Action

2. Filter by Sets with Parameters

So simply let's say that we basically want to identify what video has the most views and the video should be recently nominated as a trending video because we want to put the ads on it.

So simply let's see the views of the videos over days.

Then we get this messy worksheet. Let's adjust the vertical axis to use independent range. Let's sort the videos based on when the latest days to be nominated as a trending video is.

Since the line chart doesn't seem to be good for the case, let's use the Spark Chart instead of it. And in order to show the scale, let's put the latest views here.

I hope you think it's better now (but not done yet). So let's put it on our dashboard.

Like we set dashboard actions to Influencer Analysis worksheet, let's set some dashboard actions on the Top Trending Videos worksheet.

Let's say that we only want to see the videos in the category, and we also want to extract videos that are made by a certain youtube channel.

Then we've created the basic dashboard here.

We also see that the dashboard action is working correctly because the Trending Videos at the right bottom shows the videos of Music category and made by Speed Records.

However, as you know, The dashboard has still room to be improved. First of all, it's showing too much youtube channels and Trending Videos with the long scroll bars. We don't care some videos and channels that will not matter. We need some threshold or we need Top N filter.

I've already created some sets for the filters. I don't explain the detail here because I'm pretty sure that once you download my workbook here, open and see the worksheet, you'll understand everything about it.

I'll leave how to arrange the dashboard because it's also a personal preference. I've explained all technical stuffs. So, it's your turn to create your dashboard.

However, let me finalize this training series. Once we have are with formatting the dashboard and setting some threshold, the dashboard can be like this.

So let's go back to what I have to identify with the dashboard.

1. Identify what category we should focus on.

2. Identify what channel we should approach to use them as our influencers.

3. Identify what video we should put our Ads on.

As for the category, we can easily see that Music category is quite hot and Film&Animation and Comedy can be the second option. Entertainment has also huge views but the number of videos are also huge, which means each video could have less views. If your ads can be related to the categories you can go for it.

As for the channels to support, let's say hat we will focus on the music category, Speed Records, Marshmello and White Hill Music can be a good option. The humble music has a bit less Median Views so you we may have to consider it.

As for the videos, if we don't care about youtube channels, the top 2 videos seem to stay trending for days and earn huge views. If we put our ads here we will show it for many people.

Since I'm not a specialist of Ads industry yet, my conclusion may be wrong. However, if our purpose is to show our ads to as many people as possible, the dashboard would suggest you where to go.

This will be the last post for the Tableau Dashboard Training 2. I hope you have enjoyed the series of the training and learned something useful.

Until I see you again, let's keep it up. See you soon.


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