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Tableau実践問題集 #TableauChallenge を作りました。

Tableau Dashboard Training 1-2: Overview Dashboard

This is the goal for this post. In this post, I will talk about

1. Calculation in Tableau

2. Filters through worksheets for interactive dashboards

I would like to skip basic of Tableau. For basics, please watch Tableau Tutorial Video.


Let's start with Sales Map. With this visualization, I would like to see

1. Profit Margin, Sales and Profit by specific area, for example, by postal code.

2. What Category is profitable and has high sales?

3. What segment of customers is profitable and has high sales?

For Profit Margin by Postal Codes, as I mentioned in Series 1-1(Data Prep), it could be better to use Tableau Calculation, but it is pretty easy.

Click a measure, right click to open "create" -> "Calculation Field". Write a formula, that's all.

After this, based on Dimensions on a worksheet, Tableau calculates your desired measure automatically. After I added Sales and Profit, the sales map became like this (if you want to delete Country name and State name, you can go to "Map" -> "Map Layer" on the tab at the top.

Then, in order to make a label on each record that is about if it is profitable or not, I used R with this code (so simple).

Then, Sales by Segment an Category were here.

Now, it's time to create interactive dashboard. If I simply add all worksheets, it looks like this.

However, since it doesn't have any filter, if I want to see detail, for example, if I want to switch the pictures showing only data in 2014, the dashboard doesn't help me do this. Therefore, we have to set up some filters. (it implies that filter should be added after we make a dashboard?)

In this video, for example, I used "Order Date" as a filter.

1. Put it on the filter shelf

2. Click "Apply to worksheet"

3. Go back to dashboard, click an arrow on the right top, select "Filters" and show the filter.

Finally, this is the executive overview dashboard. Notice that there are some filters on the right and they are all interactive.

I hope you enjoy this training series.

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